Dani & Dandy

Hola Kristiina,

We have got further reports on Dani’s syndrome, which probably dates back to a possible stroke he suffered during his early days or even while in his mother’s womb. One of its effects is hemiplegia, which developed after an atrophy in the right side of his brain, due to a lack of blood irrigation throughout the years. This made a vacuous on the right side that has been gradually filled with brain fluid. The fluid is pressuring the left side of the brain and slowly harming this side too. The hydrocephalia could be attenuated through neuro-surgery with a shunt, although the risk of fatal brain infection is rather high, especially with Dani’s living conditions.

With such prospects, Kristiina, we are going to look for possible clinical solutions out of Ethiopia. As well, we would like to improve Dani’s living conditions by establishing a consistent amount of regular physiotherapy sessions and search for educational opportunities, that could provide him with some future independence.

Kristiina, as you can read Dani has to learn to live with “Dandy” and we believe we can support him in this endeavour.




*We would like to thank the Black Lion and Bethel Teaching General hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


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