Dani & Tesfaye

Hola Kristiina,

We have finally agreed on a physiotherapy plan for Dani. Tesfaye, experienced physiotherapist in Addis, has presented us a draft with the hours he is going to spend with Dani. Four individual hours per week, plus one and half hours included in his regular visits to the orphanage, should be a good starting point for a consistent and regular physical practice. Dani is going to love it, as he is very receptive to exercise and company.
We are currently finalizing the operational aspects of the “physio plan” and although we do not have a time limit, it will be dependable on the next results presented by the Children Hospital at the Universitaetspital Basel, where a neuro-paediatric doctor has agreed to study Dani’s case.
So, Kristiina, as you can read we are steadily advancing, and once more, we must thank all the people engaged in bringing lots of smiles to Dani’s face.


Dani and friends

Dani and friends



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