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The Kristiina Juutinen Memorial Fund is a non-profit initiative set up by the Juutinen and Santamarta families to provide a cure for Daniel Abraham, an orphan child from the Sele Enat Mahiber orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, affected from birth by Dandy-Walker syndrome. By setting up the Kristiina Juutinen Memorial Fund, the families commit through their financial, operational, and outreach provisions and activities to work towards a consolidated solution that would lead to a long term health improvement for Daniel Abraham.

The Kristiina Juutinen Memorial Fund is funded by the Juutinen and Santamarta families and accepts free will donations from particulars and organizations. None of the Kristiina Juutinen Memorial Fund members or volunteers will, at any point in time,  nor send out personal or organizational requests, through any communication means, in order to request funds or financial information from the donors/potential donors, neither request personal details from donors/potential donors. Requests in the previous mentioned modes should be considered as fraudulent initiatives from individuals or organizations NOT related to the Kristiina Juutinen Memorial Fund and should be reported to competent authorities.


2 thoughts on “About / Disclaimer

  1. Dear family, my deepest condoleances.
    It was a shock to hear Kristiina is no longer here with us – but in a way still always will be. I think it’s beautiful to continue Kristiina’s work to make the world a little bit better. I will always remember Kristiina as a cheerful, passionate, interesting person.
    My heart goes out to her husband and family. I hope you find strenght in eachother and in the beautiful memories Kristiina has left us.
    Bie (a former fellow student from Belgium)


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