Special Needs School

Hola Kristiina,

One year went by since the beginning of our project, and two years are soon to come since we first met Dani. Both events are glorious in my life, and nothing but delight and encouragement came along.

Dani is living a comfortable existence, in his mind. Probably because he did not have the chance to live any other. I keep motivating people around him to try to reach a sustainable progress. At times, it is unknown to me what the extend of my efforts is, and I strategize new ventures.

The result of the last one is following:

“Dear Roberto
As I have mentioned for you,today march 4,2015 we have taken Dani for his appointment to Dr.Zenebe,after he has seen Dani he has asked about anti epileptic drug the he has ordered and how Dani is doing with it?we have explained for him that after the combination carbamine and phenition as he is not show any symptom and his general appearance looks good and the Doctor suggest that,as it is good to keep follow him with appointment and he has given a three month appointment for may,2015 since he is doing fine but he has also recommended to bring him in case of something happened.and he has ordered his anti epileptic drugs for three month and to continue with it.I will let you know about his special need class as soon as he has made his psychological assessment.”

So, yes Kristiina, Dani will likely attend special needs school. While we keep waiting for a decission on a possible surgery, Dani will try to use his time more effectively.



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