Angels in Addis

Hola Kristiina,

Following, please read the current status on Dani´s recovery. In addition to being steady on physio, we keep looking for solutions. Check out Tesfaye´s lines from September 24, 2014:

How are you doing dear Roberto,(..)
About Dani’s surgery condition,if the entire surgery plan is taking place her in Ethiopia,i think it will be more supportive if he would be seen by another Doctor as well, that will help to identify a Diagnosis two or more Doctors agreed on, to see similarity of their ideas and to see whether there is willingness to do the surgery here or not. There are two or three senior neuro surgeon in Addis. One is the one you met last time,Dr mersha. I have tried to discuss with office in the silenat and Zelalem respond me in the same way, that will help if he would be seen by more than one Doctor.
If you would agree with this ideas it will be Good, during Dani is going to see the Doctor, if there is one person from silenat office, one person from your side (..) or any one you think of could able to follow may be i don’t know there
might be continuous follow up and myself, I hope that will create good understand about Dani’s surgery situation among all.
About orthopedic aid that will be helpful, I will late you know.
Thank you very much.


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