Happy Birthday

Hola Pupu,

It is your birthday again, and I’m so glad to present you our humble gifts.

Dani is doing good. He is taken out to socialize once in a while, meet people and have good times in shops or restaurants. He is thrilled about it.

I am on my way to Santiago, and yourself and Aleksandra are by my side.




El Muru peregrino.


The Adolescent


Hola Kristiina,

Dani looks like a young man. The child we knew is starting to fade away, turning into an adolescent.

Please find Tesfaye’s recount on his last events:

“Dear Roberto; how are you these days?

Dani is doing good and I have passed all your meseges about his
learning, practice and that you are thinking a lot about him as well.
He was very happy and he was saying “eshi, eshi…”that is to say Ok,Ok….

In the last week, Zelalem and I took him out for Dinner out side Sele Enat compound,
it was a good experience for Dani; he was giving his charming face and hand for
greeting to every body passing beside him.

Dani was busy the past weeks beside his class and practice, we also took him for shopping as well to buy for him jackets, tshirts, underwears,
trousers and what he needs especially for this rainy time and he was very happy.

Oona has also come to visit Dani as well.

Dear Roberto;Thank you very much for everything.

Best Regards.”

“Dear Roberto;How are you doing?
Dani is doing fine, he has no epileptic attack even after his last appointment.
he is showing good progression with standing and walking.
And he is still attending his classes,they will close the school
for summer after two weeks.
Thank you very much for everything.
Best Regards,


Hola Kristiina,

Last developments in Dani´s life are positive. While he practices daily, the incidences on his health are diminishing. At the same time, he is growing. Soon, he will be a grown up. In the meanwhile, Tesfaye is taking good care on his routine, encouraging him to continue practicing.

Let me show you a few graphic evidences.


Two Years

Hola Kristiina,

Since your departure our lives continued regardless the pain and the feeling of solitude. At times, living joyfully seems walking uphill. Many others, daily routine becomes a pleasure filled with valuable experiences, worth living every single minute. The last one was certainly your legacy.

My recent time off has certainly not been Dani’s. He has not been stationary. On the contrary, he has moved surely and all times accompanied by Tesfaye. Please find a comprehensive recount on the previous weeks:

December 3, 2015

Dear Roberto; how are you?

Dani’s General health looks fine and stable with the epilepsy attack the past five months. He has been continuing to attend his class regularly as well.

On the October Dani was celebrating birth day with friends and visiting families.


I have attached Dani’s picture while he is training with KAFO.


January 5, 2016

Dear Roberto

How are you; how is Christmas and New Year?

Dani is doing fine.

These days he has been showing amazing effort to help himself, taking footsteps with his crutch and KAFO, moving with wheelchair independently from his sleeping room to the football field which is very

Important activity that help him to participate with children any time he wants, he is trying to wear clothes with minimal assistance, and he continued to go to the school.

Dani was also having a great new experience that he never had before; Volunteers (T.J helling and the porch swim team) came to visit the children and took them for swimming in a local Hotel including Dani. Dani’s water experience was great and he was fine after swimming. This kind of challenge will bring better improvement and skills for him, the team were done a great job that makes all children happy.

I have attached pictures of Dani’s footsteps, swimming and video if that works for you; during swimming and how he could able to manage his wheelchair to go to the field.


January 18, 2016

On 14/01/2016 we took Dani to Dr.Zenabe with Zelalem for his continuous follow up after three months of appointment.


He has asked how is Dani doing? We explain that Dani’s general appearance is looking good and he doesn’t show any epileptic attack for the past six to seven months after he has been taking drug combination of Phenitoin BID(100mg in the morning and night) and carpamazepine BID(50mg in the morning and 100mg in the night).

The Dr. explained that it will be good to reduce the of carpamazepine dose in order to decrease its side effects and he has planned to change to 50mg BID(in the morning and night), for now to continue with the same dose not to disturb his classes with withdrawal sign and symptoms and to change it after four months.
Dani’s next appointment to Dr Zenebe will be on May 13/5/2016.




Hola Kristiina,

Here you´ve got the latest news about terrific Dani:

October 19, 2015

“Dear Roberto,
we have taken Dani for his appointment on October 16 to Dr. Zenebe
since there is no any epileptic attack or any other syptoms, he has just
decided to continue with Dan’s current epileptic medications.
And he has appointed us after three months on January 14, 2016, to see if there
is any change after exposure to the external enviroment, class and temperature change
while he spent outside the compound.
I have attached Dani picture with the Zelalem in Chrismass hospital.
best rergards”

October 15, 2015

“Dear Roberto, how are you?
I have passed your big hug and warm greetings to Dani.
He is happy.
Tomorrow October 16, Dani has appointment for his follow up
with Dr.Zenebe. We will take him in the morning.
I have attached Dani’s pic while he was giving precast for KAFO.
Thank you for everything you are doing.
best regards”

Kristiina, Tesfaye is our real angel.




Sing, Dani!

Hola Kristiina,

Dani is growing, and soon will go back to school. Let me show what Tesfaye explains about him:

“Dear Roberto;
How are you?
Yes it is true Dani is growing.These days he is very happy. He has spent by
singing traditional songs with all children for the new year. About the epilepsy he still
doesn’t have attacks after the antiepileptic drug (…)
modification made by the Doctor for almost three months now. I believe the
medication is helping for control.
About Dani’s school, they told me the school teachers are on meetings.
I will let you know as soon as I get the information when teachers are going to
start the class.

I keep telling to Dani about you that you are thinking about him every time…
i have attached Dani’s pics for you, while Dani is singing with his own words, as usual.
best Regards.”


Happy Day!

Hola Kristiina,

We are happy to celebrate your birthday today. In different places but similar events took us to wonderful times. We cheer those moments and remind them warmly. Happy birthday Kristiina!


Dani is doing good, but his little friend Dani has departed to a different continent. Little Dani will be happy there, and so it is with Dani, although he might not understand it yet.


Everything else is good. Dani keeps practicing and visiting doctors regualarly. Soon he will “need knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) to support and stabilize the left leg, which is recommended and will be helpful for his symmetry and weight bearing.” We will be happy to support with it.