Two Years

Hola Kristiina,

Since your departure our lives continued regardless the pain and the feeling of solitude. At times, living joyfully seems walking uphill. Many others, daily routine becomes a pleasure filled with valuable experiences, worth living every single minute. The last one was certainly your legacy.

My recent time off has certainly not been Dani’s. He has not been stationary. On the contrary, he has moved surely and all times accompanied by Tesfaye. Please find a comprehensive recount on the previous weeks:

December 3, 2015

Dear Roberto; how are you?

Dani’s General health looks fine and stable with the epilepsy attack the past five months. He has been continuing to attend his class regularly as well.

On the October Dani was celebrating birth day with friends and visiting families.


I have attached Dani’s picture while he is training with KAFO.


January 5, 2016

Dear Roberto

How are you; how is Christmas and New Year?

Dani is doing fine.

These days he has been showing amazing effort to help himself, taking footsteps with his crutch and KAFO, moving with wheelchair independently from his sleeping room to the football field which is very

Important activity that help him to participate with children any time he wants, he is trying to wear clothes with minimal assistance, and he continued to go to the school.

Dani was also having a great new experience that he never had before; Volunteers (T.J helling and the porch swim team) came to visit the children and took them for swimming in a local Hotel including Dani. Dani’s water experience was great and he was fine after swimming. This kind of challenge will bring better improvement and skills for him, the team were done a great job that makes all children happy.

I have attached pictures of Dani’s footsteps, swimming and video if that works for you; during swimming and how he could able to manage his wheelchair to go to the field.


January 18, 2016

On 14/01/2016 we took Dani to Dr.Zenabe with Zelalem for his continuous follow up after three months of appointment.


He has asked how is Dani doing? We explain that Dani’s general appearance is looking good and he doesn’t show any epileptic attack for the past six to seven months after he has been taking drug combination of Phenitoin BID(100mg in the morning and night) and carpamazepine BID(50mg in the morning and 100mg in the night).

The Dr. explained that it will be good to reduce the of carpamazepine dose in order to decrease its side effects and he has planned to change to 50mg BID(in the morning and night), for now to continue with the same dose not to disturb his classes with withdrawal sign and symptoms and to change it after four months.
Dani’s next appointment to Dr Zenebe will be on May 13/5/2016.




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