Gain Through Pain

Hola Kristiina,

Upon return from my journey up North, I would like to share some of our last experiences about Dani. Although geographically far, I am closely sensing the situations he is going through. Our friends and colaborators explain vividly the procedures undergone and the events lived. Dani is enjoying it, and that keeps us steady on the recovery path despite the occasional delays.

The latest report coming from Addis reads something like this:

“Dani seemed a bit tired compared to the last time, but he was still in a good mood and it looks like the physiotherapy is helping. He was able to stand up and take a few steps with help from the crutch. He now has the orthopedic aid on his foot and I think this is helping him to stand. Tesfaye performed about 1,5h physiotherapy and Dani was really responsive to it, although he did seem quite tired at the end of the session. He is now asking to go to the toilet very often (3 times in 2 hours), which Tesfaye says has increased in the past month.”

Dani takes it all as a game, and that is a great advantage that softens the challenges of his regular physiotherapy sessions. His attitude supports efective exercise for the timeframe we wait to move on with the forth visit to a clinical specialist.

dani1 dani3


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