Day By Day

Hola Kristiina,

I often think about the future day Dani and I sit together and chat about the past. About the days he struggled on daily basis to improve his condition, and about the numerous hours exercised to gain mobility. I picture this conversation among laughter and emotions. But it is rather a conspicuous picture.

I am so confident that this is going to happen, Kristiina, that no momentary backlash suffered or inflicted to our project will impact its objective. Furthermore, troubles on the way will only encourage us more. 

This, Kristiina, brings me to the never forget to thank all those who keep committing, helping, reading, commenting, and thinking about Dani. Without them, this is not being possible. 

Now, let me show you some Dani in action. This is his day by day effort, coordinated by Tesfaye, our Guardian Angel.

DSCF6295 DSCF6289 DSCF6279 DSCF6282









*Featured Image: Niki de Saint Phalle, at Giardino dei Tarocchi. Capalbio, Tuscany, Italy.


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