Dani Goes To Docs

Hola Kristiina,
Dani has been very active lately visiting doctors, doing analysis, MRIs, and meeting many people on the way, all kindly guided by Tesfaye, our Guardian Angel, and Zelalem, and the priceless support of the friends at Sele Enat.
Let me disclose a summary of events that took place:
From October 18th, 2014
Zelalem and I, have got the chance to meet Dr. Chiwen again before appointment day since we have got MRI ready for today October 18,2014. Dr. Chiwen explained almost the same thing after he has seen a new MRI report, “in the right side of Dani’s brain, in ventricle there is cerebrospinal fluid which is not blocked and can circulate to the 4th ventricle, 3rd ventricle and absorbed in the brain circulation. He says that if there is blockage there will be edema on the lt (normal) side of the brain as well so that since there is no edema (accumulated C SF) and pressure, doing operation for shunting it will not bring any change for his general health” he has recommended for him symptomatic treatment (any problem which appear secondary to brain loss). I have attached for you  the scan of the new MRI of October 17,2014 which Dr. Chiwen explained about.
From October 23rd, 2014
…at the moment the Doctor’s suggestion is, operation is not benefit him much, but instead following him for symptomatic treatment like controlling the epilepsy and other symptoms, last time on my email Dani was seen by Dr Andarge (neuropsychiatric) which mainly examine him for his epilepsy, he was order some laboratory test(blood) and EEG(electroencephalography which detect electrical activity from his scalp) tomorrow (24/10/2014) he will have an appointment for EEG exam, then on Monday (27/10/2014) we will take his laboratory and EEG result altogether to Dr. Andarge.
So as you can perceive there are only reasons for optimism. We are sharing our joy with Dani because we know he his health can only improve.

Charming Dani

Charming Dani



Hola Kristiina,

Some weeks ago I did update the bank account post with the following message:

We are grateful for the support received and will be implementing our project for the next few years.

For the moment we kindly ask to halt donations as the project is sufficiently funded. We will, therefore, concentrate in the implementation phase.

Dani´s health is our utmost desire and focus.

Despite of it, we keep receiving donations from friends and colleagues who want to drop their contribution. It will be certainly added to the project and we are grateful for it. However, we encourage donors with warmth and respect to kindly discontinue deposits.

Now Kristiina, I leave you with Dani´s basketball skills.





Dani & Dandy

Hola Kristiina,

We have got further reports on Dani’s syndrome, which probably dates back to a possible stroke he suffered during his early days or even while in his mother’s womb. One of its effects is hemiplegia, which developed after an atrophy in the right side of his brain, due to a lack of blood irrigation throughout the years. This made a vacuous on the right side that has been gradually filled with brain fluid. The fluid is pressuring the left side of the brain and slowly harming this side too. The hydrocephalia could be attenuated through neuro-surgery with a shunt, although the risk of fatal brain infection is rather high, especially with Dani’s living conditions.

With such prospects, Kristiina, we are going to look for possible clinical solutions out of Ethiopia. As well, we would like to improve Dani’s living conditions by establishing a consistent amount of regular physiotherapy sessions and search for educational opportunities, that could provide him with some future independence.

Kristiina, as you can read Dani has to learn to live with “Dandy” and we believe we can support him in this endeavour.




*We would like to thank the Black Lion and Bethel Teaching General hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.