Day By Day

Hola Kristiina,

I often think about the future day Dani and I sit together and chat about the past. About the days he struggled on daily basis to improve his condition, and about the numerous hours exercised to gain mobility. I picture this conversation among laughter and emotions. But it is rather a conspicuous picture.

I am so confident that this is going to happen, Kristiina, that no momentary backlash suffered or inflicted to our project will impact its objective. Furthermore, troubles on the way will only encourage us more. 

This, Kristiina, brings me to the never forget to thank all those who keep committing, helping, reading, commenting, and thinking about Dani. Without them, this is not being possible. 

Now, let me show you some Dani in action. This is his day by day effort, coordinated by Tesfaye, our Guardian Angel.

DSCF6295 DSCF6289 DSCF6279 DSCF6282









*Featured Image: Niki de Saint Phalle, at Giardino dei Tarocchi. Capalbio, Tuscany, Italy.

Action Dani!

Hola Kristiina,

While most of us enjoy warm and sunny days, Dani keeps exercising in rainy season. You may think that he looks serious because of the chilly days in Addis, but I agree with your mom. He does not smile so often because his physiotherapy is becoming more demanding.

Now I will let you appreciate Dani’s efforts. Tesfaye has kindly emailed us these motivating pictures.

DSCF6185 DSCF6162 DSCF6183 DSCF5978 DSCF6190Happy saint day, Kristiina.

With a Little Help of Our Friends

Hola Kristiina,

It is a beautiful sunny day in here, and I am confident you have sent this wonder to us. Dani had a great drive on Friday, when he visited the Korean Hospital. He was cheerful and excited, as I thought it was going to be. He laughed and shared his “shark-charm” to his car mates and people in the hospital.



However, and that kept us kind of baffled, there was not much information we could get from Dani’s visit to Dr. Marsha. Apparently the doctor needed background information regarding Dani’s mother pregnancy and his early life. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to obtain this information as Dani arrived to Sele Enat Mahiber from another orphanage and there are no records available.

We have been brainstorming during the weekend and came up with different curative ideas. We could provide for physiotherapy, for diction therapy, for orthopaedic support, and even for education, as Dani has not attended yet school. But none of us is a health professional and do not know well if it is going to help to a high degree. Nevertheless, we think it is not going to harm, as I have personally experienced his physical progress during my time with him, so we agreed to start helping Dani with physiotherapy and a consultation by an occupational therapist.

Therefore, Kristiina, we will keep looking for a doctor who could treat Dani and reportedly agree on what his medical problem is.

Regarding Dr. Kiplesund, the neurologist you managed to find with your tireless networking, I have to say that I did not get any reply to my emails. But I am confident he did not learn about them, probably due to some technical problems or electronic address misspell. But I am confident as well that publishing this lines will, somehow, reach him. We are hopeful in this, and we are grateful for any support from people who could help finding a doctor for Dani.

Kristiina, do not think we got disappointed by the last event. As your mom says, we knew it was not only provide and raise money, but a common and dedicated effort towards Dani’s health improvement, and that will take time. We feel strong, and every step backward will only be to get impulse.

And now, Pupunen, enjoy with us Dani’s sunniness, the one that draws smiles from every person that crosses his path.


Dani waits for the Doctor

Help is here!

Hola Kristiina,

As remarked previously, “help is on the way,” yes! Nathalie and her husband have found a doctor willing to take Dani for medical consultation. Dr. Marsha has kindly agreed to see him. That will be on Friday, March 28, in the Korean Hospital. Hanna will go along with Dani and Nathalie, and we are all hopeful.

I have been lately thinking about Dani, and our long walks from the Special Needs rooms at the orphanage to the Babies pavilion. I remember the many times Dani greeted and cheered other kids and staff during our walks, screaming of happiness, sometimes, and laughing and singing others. I can only imagine how blissful he will feel once he learns that he is going out on Friday, for a drive with Hanna and Nathalie. I would love to see his face.

Kristiina, there are still people supporting in different ways to Dani’s cure. Many of them relatives, friends, and colleagues, but some are just people touched by the intention of this assistance. They express the joy they feel while learning about Dani, and they engage emotionally in the aid. Some have told me their stories about their sick kids, and have asked me whether their disease is Dandy-Walker syndrome. To which, I can only explain what I learned. Some others have asked what else can they do to support, in addition to the financial contribution. I cannot really say much if they are not physically in Addis, but I suggested them to spread awareness about Dandy-Walker syndrome, and perhaps share this story, the story of the many of us engaged in curing Dani.

Pupunen, I will leave you for now, because I know there are many important people there who want to meet you, and I will keep you posted about Dani’s prognosis on Friday.

Help is here!


Super Dani

Good morning, Kristiina

Hola Kristiina,

Forgive my delay, but as you say, I have been kind of busy the last month. I have met many good hearted, caring, and loving people, from your ample family and friends. Many of them unknown to me, some others known by your continual references. They have all shared their warmth with me, with my mom, and even with Chiara.

     But I want to update you about our progress with Dani. He is fine, playing drum with one stick and singing, as usual. Anne has emailed me the picture below, where he plays with little Dani, as well cheerful.


Two Daniels

     Well, you knew that the orphanage had sent Dani for an MRI, and that doctor said that his clinical condition is Dandy-Walker syndrome. You knew as well that Hanna had gathered his clinical history and that some of your colleagues were networking to find a neurologist in Addis who would want to take over Dani’s case. So here’s where the news come:

Nathalie and her husband, Umberto, are further looking for neurologists. They have kindly contacted two of them, and we are waiting for their responses, although a birdie told me that help is on the way. As you know, this is not an easy task in Ethiopia, but they are highly supportive. We thank them so much. At the same time, I keep contacting the neurologist advised by your contacts and I am confident to get his response.

     On the orphanage side, Regula and Anne keep volunteering and they update me regularly with news about Dani. Hanna is in the loop, as well as the senior staff. They have kindly approved our wish. Your friends in Addis have showed interest to visit the orphanage, and perhaps drop a hand sometimes. This is very kind of them.

     As you can see, we are not alone in this. In addition to the help provided by the family and friends mentioned above, there is an immense number of people who are financially supporting, among them Jose Luis and Yolanda, Irja, Emilio, Mima, Patricia, Dacio, Rene, Sergio, Amelie, and Julian, Tea and Carmine, Rossana, Ruth Elisabeth, Juliane, Carlos, and Mateo, Sahar, Monica, Matthew, Stina, Tanis, Linda, Päivi, Melanie, Giorgia and Veljko, Isabelle, Leila, Vera-Maria, Matthias and Andrea, Giorgio, Eloy, Eija, Liisa, Ville and Outi, Titta, Laura and Markus, Hilkka, Tuomo and Sirkka, Hannu and Kali, Terhi, Jaakko, Reima, Arja, Petri and Viljami, Laura, Viivi, Anna and Eva, Laura, WFP colleagues in Copenhagen, Vikke, Tiina and Tatu, Pohjan Veikot, Kaj, Stefan and Mirja, Kulkijat, Pia, Familia Sanjurjo, Prof. Hagemann, Maria, Maria, Riitta and Antti, Antti and family, Kaarina and Mick, Teuvo, Tanja, Nadja and Noora, BJ, Sirpa and Sofi, Marie, Rebeca, Carlo and Chiara, Helena and Hannu, Helena and Matti, Anne, Anna-Riitta, Maija and Kimmo, Annukka, Annikki and Veijo, Isabelle, Susanna, Tiina and Timo, YMCA Oulu, Anna ja Petri, Kaisa and family, Yobdar, Hannu and Pirjo, Anna-Kaisa, Kalle and Aapo, Irja and Teuvo, Helinä and Pekka, Riikka and family, Birgitta and Panu, Chiara, Manuel and Regula, Veera, Markku and Soile, cousin Elina and her family, Eeva-Maria and Kimmo, Ullamaija and Kaarle, Inma and Miquel, Pauliina, Atte, Marianne, Henrietta and Klaus, Aira and Seppo, Auli, Risto and families of cousins, Leena, Pentti and families of cousins, Veera, Jessica, Andres and Mercedes, Marta, Rafael, and Mariaana and Veltsu. But this is not all, because support is still incoming.

    Kristiina, I would like to let you know that we do not forget about Izabelle, our travel mate, and Desta, our driver. Please tell them that our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Talk to you soon, Pupunen.