July 6th, 2014

Hola Kristiina,

Today is a special day for all of us and while we think about you I would like to express the positive moments we are experiencing:


Dani is calling me?


Go Dani, go!






Dani is doing good. His remarkable good mood has not varied since the last time we talked. He has recently gone through a series of epilepsy attacks that were heftier than normal, but he has been treated and the last two weeks became stable. His seventeen hours of extra physiotherapy with Tesfaye on June have been assessed as responsive and overall positive. This has led to explore the possibility to provide orthopaedic aid, to which we will commit.

The North has been extraordinary. Manamansalo was not only the peaceful retreat you described, but a delight for the senses where life turned around nature, coexistence, sauna, and the lake, a revitalizing presence that was challenging to bring to an end. Karhunkierros presented me a natural diversity on the go that left me speechless in uncountable moments. Northern Ostrobothnia displayed landscapes, people, and animals that were beautiful, hospitable, and gracious.


Kitkajoki river at Karhunkierros trail




Nilla, the gorgeous Lapponian Herder


Around Merenoja, in Karhunkierros trail











Finally, Pupunen, we are celebrating your birthday today and will blow the candle on the cake, imagining that Aleksandra and yourself are likewise doing it.


Happy birthday, Kristiina

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!


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