The Warka Tree

Hola Kristiina,

I was thinking about our first trip in Ethiopia, now a year ago. We arrived to Aksum, expecting to find reminiscences of an ancient civilization. Instead we enjoyed our time under the immense Warka tree in downtown, chatting with the local kids, and watching the goats acrobatically reach the lower branches to eat its leaves.

My memories brought me back to Dani, and I would like to explain you his progress on behalf of our friends in Addis, who are tirelessly looking for his well being. So I take the liberty to quote their lines:

“Last week, (the)(…) occupational therapist went to see Dani. She gave practical advices to the staff of the orphanage in order to allow Dani to become more independent, like for example letting him dress himself. They were very receptive and Dani is cooperative. She also told them to make him wear shoes so that his good foot doesn’t get more deformed. (…). The regular visit of a physio is very important for Dani (…). It is important to maintain and work on what Dani can do in his actual condition and only a physio can help regarding his physical disability. The occupational therapist can advise the physio and the caretakers but cannot do the job of a physiotherapist.”

In addition to this, Kristiina, our friends keep looking for a neurologist that could see Dani, and all of us, in different countries, are looking for similar possibilities.

But now, Pupu, I will keep responding to the numerous people who are helping Dani, while I enjoy our Warka tree memories.

Dani and his friends in the playground

Dani and his friends in the playground


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